Neural network development (machine learning)

DE2COM specialists focused on machine learning:

  • Creation of artificial neural networks

  • Systems with artificial intelligence

  • Mobile applications using neural networks

  • Video and audio control systems

Technologies for the present

The fields of application of neural networks are very diverse - they are text and speech recognition, semantic search, expert systems and decision support systems, prediction of stock prices, security systems, text analysis. Neurocomputers are especially effective where the semblance of a human intuition, in particular, such tasks include decision making.

Practical applications

The goal of machine learning is partial or complete automation of solving complex professional problems in various areas of human activity.

Machine learning has a wide variety of applications

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Currently, artificial neural networks (ANNs) are an important extension of the concept of computation. They have already made it possible to cope with a number of difficult problems and can create new programs and devices capable of solving problems that are beyond the power of the human brain.