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What sites do we develop and how much time do we spend:

We develop only high-quality sites optimized for fast loading speed, search engines, adapted for mobile devices, as well as for business needs and your desires. We do not deal with template development, each site or web solution is individually designed We do not make a website quickly and in two days, we spend as much time as development requires.

Stages in website development:

Gathering data, discussing the project

Before starting work, we meet with the customer, find out important details of the project, constructively discuss the client's ideas, jointly determine the range of goals and objectives of the application, its functionality. We come to a single concept. site, landing page or not.

Explore the market

After collecting the data, we conduct a comprehensive market research of the client's niche sites. We highlight the main competitors, their strengths and weaknesses.


At this stage, we design the user interface, develop a design concept, create layouts for the future site.

Developing the design

An important stage is the development of a design for a website or landing page. We are ready to develop from scratch, as well as use an existing design or its concept, based on the company's identity.

We will program a website or a landing page

After the design is approved by the customer, we will stick to the software part of the site or landing page. In the process, the selected functionality, client and server parts, is implemented.

Testing a website or landing page

We thoroughly test the finished product, in the process we check the work of the implemented services and functionality, the correct display of all forms in accordance with the design.

We publish on the server

After successful testing of the application, we publish a ready-made solution and it becomes available to users.

We support your website or landing page

After placement, we continue to accompany your project. We are in touch 24 hours, the technical support service will promptly answer your questions and offer the best solution to the problem.

Turnkey development cost

We are ready to act as a fire brigade in case your project is not completed or requires improvements in this case


The choice of 3 options for the site template. No more than 10 pages. The minimum set of functionality. Min requirements for the CMS

Term: up to 1 month

from 999,99*


The template is sawn according to the wishes of the customer, but no more than 3 implementation options. No more than 40 pages. Average set of functionality. Standard requirements for CMS

Term: up to 6 months

from 4999,99*


Any wishes of the customer, as far as possible to solve with modern methods of web development

Term: up to 12 months

from 9999,99*


It is important to understand that each project is individual and the exact cost of development and terms can be named only after studying your wishes and budget for the implementation of your plans.