Windows Application Development

DE2COM specialists carry out software development (firmware) for the Windows platform

The development period depends on the complexity of the project and takes from 1 to 12 months.

Typical tasks:

  • Software Module Development
  • Development of specialized applications
  • Testing software and individual modules
  • Development of client software servers
  • User Interface Design

Electronic catalogs

Our team specializes in creating electronic catalogs, encyclopedias, multimedia applications. Electronic catalogs of complex equipment developed by programmers are a unique software product in the world market. These are the only electronic catalogs with multilingual support and the ability to work with parts catalogs directly on the sketch. The team of authors develops electronic catalogs commissioned by manufacturers of complex equipment, taking into account primarily the needs of professional users. Orientation to the needs of the user along with a convenient interface makes electronic catalogs of the authors team one of the best on the market.

Work examples:

Electronic Catalog MiG-29

Customer: 558 Aircraft Repair Plant

The MiG-29 Electronic Parts Catalog is one of the first electronic catalogs of the Russian aircraft, it includes a developed interface and a unique data set:

  • 867 sketches of the MiG-29 units.
  • Catalogs of 17,000 MiG-29 parts
  • 36414 indexes of details on sketches of MiG-29 units

The Electronic Catalog provides you with simple and flexible options for working with sketches and parts catalogs. Choosing successively the aircraft system, subsystem, node, you open the sketch of the node. A unique feature of the MiG-29 Electronic Catalog is “active sketches” (see Working with Sketches). You can not only sequentially find the unit, but also perform a quick direct search for any aircraft part by part number (according to the catalog), name, GOST (OST). For the selected part or assembly unit, you can open all sketches of the units where it is used.

A distinctive feature of the MiG-29 Electronic Parts Catalog is multilingual support. After starting the program, you have the opportunity to choose the language of communication - Russian, English or French. The following languages will be presented in the selected language: the entire data set — names of parts, systems, subsystems, components and program components — prompts, names and text in windows, etc. For English and French, the catalog part numbers will be excluded; Cyrillic characters often come in. For users, it is possible to enter Cyrillic characters without a keyboard in the Details Search Window, Request Window, Order Window.

Working with the MiG-29 Electronic Parts Catalog is easy and convenient. In the simplest case, you initiate a search for a node or part with a few clicks of the mouse. The electronic catalog provides a flexible request system and the ability to generate orders. You can print or save the request or order in one of the 12 proposed formats, for example, in the Microsoft Excel format, and then open it for editing in other Windows applications. Given the fact that sketches indicating the characteristics can be printed, the value of the MiG-29 Electronic Parts Catalog for professionals and people interested in airplanes can hardly be overestimated.


Work examples:

Integrated Automated Accounting Instrument Management System

Customer: Institute of Applied Physical Problems named after A.N. Sevchenko

Manufacturers of metering devices are switching to the production of new ones, which not only show the total consumption, but also allow you to remotely collect information. Many devices themselves create archives, not only by months, but also by hours, days and days. Such information is very useful in many cases. For example, if the tariffs are not constant (multi-tariff meters) and can change during the hours and days. In addition, in some industries, thanks to such information, it is possible to optimize production processes.