DE2COM All products and solutions are created and launched for users

We doing developing applications and IT solutions for business. It provides a full range of services for the development, implementation and maintenance of software solutions to customers. Implementation of IT projects of varying complexity and scale. We always go to meet the client and we are confident that our success directly depends on the success of our client. We are not a conveyor type company and therefore are ready to reasonably develop your business.


Web Application Development

Web application development includes the development of corporate websites, online stores, crm and erp systems. Full cycle development from a prototype to placing a resource on the Internet.

Development of mobile applications for IOS and ANDROID

In a short time, convenient and useful mobile applications have become an important part of life. This territory is still new for brands, and we help companies to develop it. DE2COM development team creates applications of any complexity for tablets and smartphones on iOS platforms , Android.

Application development for WINDOWS

We have created products of various orientations, from complex applications for processing and storing technical information to entirely multimedia applications.

Data parsing

Automatic collection of information from any source for the purpose of its further processing and transformation. The collection is carried out from open sources. Professional turnkey solutions for the collection, processing and storage of information.

IT solutions for enterprises and businesses

A modern enterprise can become (or will become so in the foreseeable future) absolutely uncompetitive without the introduction of modern IT solutions and automated control systems for operating processes built on its basis.

Custom development

We strive to create and develop IT solutions in which ease of use is as important as appearance.

Development of neural networks (machine learning)

It is a system of many neurons (processors). Individually, these processors are quite simple (much simpler than a personal computer processor), but when connected into a large system, neurons are capable of performing very complex tasks.

Development of Blockchain-based services

Blockchain (from the English 'block chain') is an innovative system for storing and transmitting information in the form of sequential chains of transaction blocks. Blocks are included in a single database, which is automatically updated with each new transaction.

NFT Game development

DE2COM offers NFT gaming solutions for your gaming experience. We apply cutting-edge technologies and monitor the latest industry trends to integrate them into our products.

Geography of projects

ERP, Finance, Auto. auctions

ERP, Construction, Finance, Auto. auctions

Medicine, Trade, Auto. auctions

Trade, Auto. auctions

ACS, Trade

How we work

We analyze your idea and offer a solution

We design your idea on paper or prototypes

We develop and program your application or solution

We are testing your application for errors and correct logic of work

We implement and host your application on the server or in stores and on the clouds

We accompany and provide technical support for your solution

We promote on the Internet and carry out SEO optimization